Warm Weather is Finally Here


Vox New’s use of Visuals

Vox New’s makes a clear initiative to use visuals all throughout their internet presences. On Twitter and Facebook, nearly every post is accompanied by a picture or a video.Video’s are a very unique and helpful tool that Vox News has took pride in implementing. It is designated  with its own section on Vox.com and are often shared on their Facebook feed. Video’s are definitely something that I believe makes Vox News a very exceptional news site. They share feature video’s that may go in-depth into a topic following one of their journalists, or they might share a short video with brief information on a trending topic. Vox New’s use of visuals definitely sets them apart from many news sites.


Super Bowl 51

Vox News wasn’t too focussed on the Super Bowl this year, and from the looks of it they aren’t too focussed on sports in general. There were very few relevant articles, yet they did publish an article about how the advertisements during the game had political relevance. One in particular was the Budweiser Ad that focussed on how immigration played a large role in their company’s growth (article linked below). Clearly not interested in sports, Vox didn’t stress the Super Bowl yet they made sure that there were a few articles that showed that the game always brews up a little controversy.

The Super Bowl won’t be the end of anti-Trump consumer ads


Vox News: The Explainers

Vox News is not only reporting important news, but they’re making sure people are understanding the news which is being reported. One of the core values, or mission statements, would be explaining the news for those who might not know enough to read sites such as the New York Times or the Washington Post. Vox News has clearly paved a way for news to reach a younger crowd with platforms on various social media sites and a wide variety of videos to go with the articles. However their Explainers section goes one step further.

The Explainers section focusses on explaining relevant topics which have come up in recent news. Vox News does a great job breaking down topics into separate sections and explaining what something is, what something does, and why it’s relevant at the moment. This aspect of Vox News is something I feel is extremely valuable especially to viewers who may not have a lot of knowledge about politics or certain subjects they read in the news.

Vox News Stepping Up the Game

Vox News is relatively new to the journalist world, but it is using the technological advances in our highly advancing world to reach a younger audience. Using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the site is able to reach viewers across all ages through a wide variety of optional content. Whether it’s video, audio, or print Vox News has mastered using them all. Focussing mainly on video and print, Vox has made a strong name for itself. Their presence on social media, however, catches my eye. They are able to share all of their content on sites like Facebook and Twitter which also work as platforms for conversations in the comment sections.

On the Vox.com news site, they use an easy to read template offering trending or recent news. Something that really makes me like Vox News is their focus on explaining the news very meticulously for those who may not know much of a topic. They have a section Explainers which is dedicated to explaining the news, and even have “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icons to indicate whether or not an article was helpful for you. This idea of adding the option for readers to communicate with the organization is extremely appealing.

The last section that I would like to highlight is the First Person section. I love this section because it takes the reader away from the idea that a reporter is watching over and adding his own assumptions into the article. The section is filled with articles written by people who were experiencing what they’re writing about themselves. A very powerful point of view to add to a news organization in my opinion.