Vox News in a Nut Shell

I went into this task of critiquing Vox news with a lot of positivity. A few people close to me had recently praised the website saying they really like it. And for the most part I thought Vox was a great website.

When it comes to multimedia, Vox is truly paving the way. They constantly use short informative videos (link a cool example of their work) which work extremely well on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Facebook being a site which works very well with posting videos and starting conversations, better than YouTube in my opinion (for news sites that is).

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.42.00 AM

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In addition to simply using videos, Vox makes some very well made videos. It clearly looks like something that they are putting a lot of effort into. Videos are also something I feel like will start to be utilized much more in the future, and with the pace Vox is running they’ll always stand out in that field.

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Another thing I really like about the mission Vox is set out to accomplish is explaining the news (link to Vox’s “Explainers” section). News can be really complicated, and if you aren’t consistently keeping up on currently events it might be hard to follow the news. This is where Vox steps up. They put in a lot of effort to break down stories into to easy to follow anecdotes along with links to stories that relate to one another. Explaining the news is only true to Vox news and I think this is something that truly helps encompass the true purpose of Vox news.

I did not face to many issues with Vox news, but two of them would be their tendency to sound very liberal (link to past post talking about this) and a lack in real time news. Vox clearly has a liberal voice, and I don’t mind news networks having slight political leanings. However, Vox tended to lean too far left. I am a liberal person too, but when it comes to news and as a journalist I believe the sight should maintain a much more neutral stance while reporting.

The timeliness of Vox’s news (link to post on Vox’s timeliness) also was a little disappointing. Vox tended to be a day or two late when it came to reporting big time news. Sometimes they didn’t even cover big events which I was expecting to read about on site. They do use twitter, something use for real time news, but they tend to keep it updated with the latest articles from the website.

Vox was certainly an extremely helpful website when it came to learning more about the news. However, I see it more as a starter website, similarly to a starter car. It doesn’t have it all, it’s simple and easy to navigate, and it’s helpful/informative. I would suggest Vox for these purposes, but if you are looking for something very professional Vox isn’t the ideal place.


Breaking News NOT so Breaking

Vox news is a great news site and I love how informative they are with their news articles, yet one of my bigger qualms would be how quickly they hop on stories. From experience sometimes I feel like Vox doesn’t have articles up on relevant topics in a speedy fashion. Often times they reference other news sites in which could help explain why they take a little more time to get posted, but I would like to see them hop on stories a little faster than currently.

Vox certainly isn’t the first site I will go to for real time news, but by the next day or two Vox becomes a good option. I would like to point out how much I do appreciate the job Vox does explaining relevant topics in depth and breaking things down to the bare basics. If there is a topic that I don’t know anything about and has become a developing story Vox will almost always have a helpful article explaining it.

So Vox gets points for explaining breaking news in an “okay” speedy fashion, but no points for real time reporting in my opinion. Twitter would be the best bet for real time news with Vox.

The Meaning of Music

I sat down with a good friend of mine, who goes by Nels, and talked about some of the reasons he got into music and playing the guitar in particular. Lately, Nels has been playing and recording music with a small group of guys including an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, and bass player. They don’t play to get famous, but to enjoy the pleasures of creating a silky smooth melody and connect with one another in a way that only playing an instruments can. Check out the video below:

Video was shot with a DSLR camera and edited with Final Cut Pro.

Are Journalists Getting too Liberal?

I was reading a Vox News article about the Trump Wiretapping claims, and the whole time I was reading I truly felt that I was talking with someone who disliked republicans and Trump. One quote helps portray the sort of language that appeared clearly hostile or negative towards a polls results on republicans and the fact that many believe the possibility Obama did wiretap Trump Tower.

“But these latest poll findings are a reminder of an uncomfortable truth about people: They generally don’t base their opinions on a careful analysis of evidence. And it’s not because they are “stupid” or willfully ignorant. It’s because our brains aren’t great at rationally analyzing facts, especially in fractured, ideologically polarized times.”

The language is much more vague, but I couldn’t help but feel like the last two sentences were a little unnecessary language making it seem harsher than it could have been. The rest of the article took a different approach than interpreting the poll and explaining the whole situation, like Vox usually does. Instead the article started to talk about what makes people believe in lies, which clearly portrayed their views of the wiretapping claims.

In my opinion, good journalists should always stay in the middle of the spectrum of political views. Keeping an open view helps journalists tell the whole story and even come up with more interesting stories.

What’s Up with Fake News?

Lately fake news has been a topic we cant avoid. Whether President Trump is accusing someone or someone who shouldnt be fooled by fake news ends up being fooled by fake news. I looked into how Vox News covers the topic and was a little disappointed in what i found. They had very little recent articles on the topic. They have not mentioned it much since December, which is weird considering how much it has come up in the news the past few months. I did like that they had an article which explained fake news in much more detail to help people who might not have much information on the topic. Something that Vox news does very well.

A Week in the Mountains


I spent the week way up in Bethel, Maine to enjoy the cold weather and hit the slopes courtesy of Sunday River. The Views on the mountain were amazing and its something that will never get old to take a moment to enjoy. I sadly forgot to change my settings in my phone in order to save my instagram story, but I salvaged some photos.

Taking in the view @sundayriver

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The condo, my friend and I managed to stay in for free, was just as great at the views. We had two bedrooms, a back porch with a great view, a fire place, kitchen, and living/dinning place all for two kids looking to have a good time.

Very successful first day on the slopes, lovin the fireplace in the condo

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When it was finally time to leave I was trying to enjoy the place as much as I possibly could. Definitely a trip that will be hard to emulate but I wont stop trying.

Finally time to head out, gonna miss this place

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