Breaking News NOT so Breaking

Vox news is a great news site and I love how informative they are with their news articles, yet one of my bigger qualms would be how quickly they hop on stories. From experience sometimes I feel like Vox doesn’t have articles up on relevant topics in a speedy fashion. Often times they reference other news sites in which could help explain why they take a little more time to get posted, but I would like to see them hop on stories a little faster than currently.

Vox certainly isn’t the first site I will go to for real time news, but by the next day or two Vox becomes a good option. I would like to point out how much I do appreciate the job Vox does explaining relevant topics in depth and breaking things down to the bare basics. If there is a topic that I don’t know anything about and has become a developing story Vox will almost always have a helpful article explaining it.

So Vox gets points for explaining breaking news in an “okay” speedy fashion, but no points for real time reporting in my opinion. Twitter would be the best bet for real time news with Vox.


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